Submissions Policy


The Bygone Bureau accepts unsolicited story pitches and submissions. Send all such proposals to

To pitch a story, send us a brief abstract and rough outline of your piece in the body of your email. Also include a short author bio, and attach or link to a relevant writing sample. We’ll respond within a week, and if accepted, an editor will contact you to develop your pitch.

For submissions, attach your piece as a Word document, and include a brief abstract and short author bio in the body of the email. To submit more than one piece, send a separate email for each.

We only publish original pieces. If you’re submitting a piece elsewhere, let us know. We try to turn submissions around in a week. If you haven’t heard from us after a week, feel free to nudge politely. If your submission is accepted, you retain the rights to your work. The Bygone Bureau is a passion project, and unfortunately, cannot pay for writing.

What we like: essays about our changing relationship with technology and culture; opinion pieces with a strong personal connection; observational, vignette-style event coverage; absurdist humor pieces that are as funny as they are strange; any other creative way to tell a story.

What we like, but don’t run: fiction, reviews, lists, satirical faux news stories, sexts.


If you are interested in illustrating for The Bygone Bureau, send a link to your blog or portfolio, or samples of your work in jpeg format, to our art director Hallie Bateman at If selected, you will be considered to illustrate upcoming and future pieces based on your availability and agreement. We love to feature a wide variety of styles and mediums, and give illustrators a great degree of creative freedom. The Bygone Bureau is not for profit and does not compensate our contributors.

Comics and Graphic Essays

We’re interested in featuring different forms of visual storytelling. Comics and other illustrated narratives are welcomed. We do not publish purely fictional work, but don’t hesitate to bring us your new and strange takes on reality. Send any submissions, proposals, or questions to our art director Hallie Bateman at

Full-width artwork displays on our site at 900pts, but please submit work at 1800px wide. We prefer photographs as jpegs and all other work as pngs.