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Editors Kevin Nguyen and Nick Martens were sailing the southern Pacific when an aggressive sperm whale capsized their ship. Seconds from an unpleasant death, the editors found a sudden ally as monstrous tentacles ensnared the thrashing leviathan. The giant squid lost its life in the ensuing battle, but it diverted the whale long enough for our heroes to escape. Kevin and Nick remain in awe of the squid to this day, and chose it for The Bygone Bureau’s mascot as a small token of their gratitude.

It’s also our category for Staff Lists and other articles relating to the site.

We believe in serial commas, the Gospel of White and Strunk, and follow a modified version of Chicago Style.

The quirky hometown of The Bygone Bureau. We’re not a Tacoma blog, but we do find the city’s estranged charms endearing. Tacoma, I love you (but you’re bringing me down).


Channeling the Canon
Legitimate interviews with literary greats.

We’re experts in a number of fields.

Staff List
Collaborative articles where we tackle the tough questions.

We take ‘em, and we’ve published a handful in the past. Read our submissions policy first and be sure to check out past submissions.

Travel series

  • Czech Republic
    By Kevin Nguyen, who studied in Prague.
  • The Netherlands
    By Nick Martens, who studied in Amsterdam.
  • Taiwan
    By Jordan Barber, who studied in Taichung.

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Recurring Cultural References

Daft Punk
Duo of French robots. Can also be an adjective as a synonym for awesome.
Ex. usage: Dude, this cinnamon bun is so Daft Punk.

Eggers, Dave
Author best-known for A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and excessively post-modern prose. Also the founder of uber-trendy literary magazine McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, which, as hipster yuppies, we adore.

Feist, Leslie
Solo artist and one of two hundred members in Broken Social Scene. The desire of every hipster, male or female.

Bird, Andrew
The above’s male equivalent. Do not imagine the two of them together; your mind will not hold.

Frontman of the seminal English rock band of the ’80s. Caitlin Boersma holds a degree in Mozzerography.

It comes after rock.

Hoefler and Frere-Jones
Designers of the Bureau and Bureaucracy’s header typefaces. We care about fonts because we’re incredibly cool.