Guest Recommendations: Caroline Moss

Caroline Moss, tech reporter and comedy genius behind the nostalgic @YourAwayMessage Twitter account, talks karaoke, YouTube covers, and lazy brownie recipes.

“Alone” by Heart as a Karaoke Song

For someone that has a lot of karaoke songs in her back pocket, I have only ever been to conventional karaoke, like, three times in my life. One of those times was last Saturday where I sang “Alone” by Heart, and I wasn’t even drunk (though I took two shots of tequila between the last two verses, so then I was).

BUT! I made a rookie mistake! You can’t open with a power ballad (you can only close with one), but I also realized that it’s truly the perfect song to sing and here’s why:


Illustration for The Bygone Bureau by Hallie Bateman

  1. No one remembers this song exists until someone starts singing it, so everyone gets excited.
  2. Even if you have a good voice, no one expects you to be able to sing this song well.
  3. The song breaks long enough to take two shots to mask your social anxiety.
  4. There are harmonies in case anyone wants to come up and join you.
  5. You can dramatically gesticulate because you secretly always imagined yourself to be a part of Divas Live ’98, but it looks like you’re just getting into character.
  6. The song sort of trails off at the end into ’80s hair band “whaooaoaoaos” so you can just call it a night and sit down while the song is still on.

This Cover of “Blood” by The Middle East

I have a penchant for listening to covers on YouTube on a daily basis and I can never stop listening to this one of “Blood” by The Middle East by this girl named Mree who I hope I come back as in another life.

I can’t explain how good this song is, and it’s even better the way she performs it. I would consider this winter music, which is music you can only listen to when you can see your breath outside or when you are sad.

The original song, which I don’t think enough people have ever heard, is good in its own right, and remains the soundtrack to one of the best wedding videos I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, this song is perfect, and she is perfect.

TZ’s EZ Mint Brownies

(aka the only thing I can bake that is consistently good)

Props to my roommate’s mom for this recipe! Basically you make brownies from this Duncan Hines mix. Don’t use as much oil or water as they say. This makes them really moist (gross word but the only one that works in this context, unfortunately).

Once you take them out of the oven, put those little Andes after-dinner mints on top and they will immediately melt into a light frosting. Let them cool in the fridge and then cut them into teeny bites. I’ve perfected them but people are catching onto me because I cannot produce anything else for potlucks or office holiday parties. I really don’t know how to cook anything.

Caroline Moss is a tech reporter at Business Insider and the creator of @YourAwayMessage. She lives in New York City and is usually somewhere, talking.