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Men, An Anthology

Men is an anthology of essays showcasing the voices, stories, and lives of straight, white and male people from around the world. Through these essays, readers are given an intimate glimpse into moments like the time one of the men accidentally bought two Mac Pros, or when another was forced to drive all the way to San Francisco with no iPhone for only a million dollars of funding. And don’t miss the heartwarming tale of one man’s journey to overcome diversity and beat a female colleague to a promotion. Men shows readers that at the end of the day, there isn’t one type of man in the world, but lots of men with all their own stories.

Making It

When people say they’re making it they are usually barely scraping by, living paycheck to paycheck. These people typify today’s middle class, toeing the line between manageable debt and underwater, between paying the bills and at least keeping the lights on. My family is way, way over that line. This is not a middle-class story.

Bootstrapping Eden

Lucy, a neurotic 30-something editor in Oakland, makes the seemingly crazy decision to become a mother. This is a memoir about pregnancy, and about making the choices that result in starting up, or at least starting.

My Life So Far

In his years as the CTO of Business Insider, it’s always been Pax Dickinson’s goal to make people laugh or think in a way that strikes a nerve but has a point. So if you’ve ever been misconstrued as a sexist, or been scolded by a thin-skinned Twitter mob, this is the book for you.

15 Reasons To Read This Book

Like it or not, Medium as a platform is here to stay. It makes it easy to share a half-thought, weave narratives around topics like helping the community and constructively criticizing products, cities, and entire classes of people. In this collection, we’ve anthologized some of our favorite Medium essays that just might make you rethink the way you see everything.

Real Girls of Palo Alto

What does it mean to be a young, single-ish woman in San Francisco? Real Girls attempts to answer the question with a collection of touching essays by the people who would know best: Silicon Valley investors.

The Worst Day of My Life

At 24, Rob’s photo-sharing startup was sunsetted. “This is the tale of my healing process.” Nothing is spared in his gut-wrenching account of the incident, from the preceding events to the highly lucrative aftermath.

Spring in the Valley

In January 2011, while vacationing in Cairo, Mike found himself caught up in the Arab Spring. As the Arab world went through a revolution, Mike surveyed the damage surrounding him and put his own personal revolution in motion. From Tahrir Square to Silicon Valley, Mike’s hearwarming memoir tells the story of a scrappy startup’s fight for independence from investors.

Lean Over

In an age where women have easy access to social media, openly talking about feminist issues can be a challenge. This collection of essays features a 23-year-old’s musings on how sex and gender politics shaped his worldview, discussing common issues facing men today.

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