Nanny St. Claire

“Cover your eyes, Nanny, don’t you be peeking / We’ll do hiding and you do the seeking.”

nanny-1 nanny-2 nanny-3 nanny-4 nanny-5 nanny-6 nanny-7 nanny-8 nanny-9 nanny-10

Ashton Raze is a writer of and about videogames. He also wrote a book once, which was nice. He lives in the South West of England, owns six Hal Jordan figures, and spends at least ten minutes a day on Twitter. Currently you can find him writing the story for Starbound. Elizabeth Simins is a directionally challenged artist and illustrator living in New York. She likes her movies bad, her videogames varied, and her bagels everything. She tweets often and is, even as you read this, desperate to show you pictures of her cats.