Three Questions for Timmy the Galaxy

A quick chat with one of the universe’s brighter galaxies.

Illustration by Hallie Bateman for The Bygone Bureau

You seem brighter than most galaxies. What’s your secret?

Yeah, you know, when I was younger, I did that whole act: “Ohhh I’m a galaxy, my darkness is infinite, I can’t believe I’m stuck in this stupid little Universe forever, I’m gonna go listen to Conor Oberst, woe is me!” But that shit gets old after about four billion years. I guess I just grew up and realized that I’m not the center of the world, you know? I just contain it.

Have you ever been in love?

I merged with another galaxy once. Her name was Destiny. She had the most beautiful gas I’d ever seen. We were both into the alternative scene: black metal, tattoos, cosmic bowling. We took a lot of amphetamines. God, that feels like 10 billion years ago… No, I think it was more like 12.

Anyway, she’s just a distant memory now. I mean, I know she lives within me — or I within her? Once you merge it all kind of just fades. Your identity is changed forever. I don’t even remember my previous orbit. It’s far, far away.

What are you afraid of?

(laughs) This is probably gonna sound crazy but sometimes when I’m changing before bed, I get this eerie feeling like someone, somewhere, is looking up at me.

Go a few generations back in Hallie Bateman’s family tree and there are just claw marks left by a family of bears. She sometimes drinks paint water by accident and once drew a series of portraits of her friends as potatoes, which can be seen on her blog. She is the art director of The Bygone Bureau and also tweets.