The Biggest Yam

Announcing the release of our first ebook: a collection of our best food writing from the past five years.


We published an ebook!

The Biggest Yam collects the best food writing we’ve published over the past five years. There are no white tablecloths or tasting menus to be found: instead, see what it’s like to partake in a traditional Micronesian pig roast or a Chilean bread riot; learn what baristas really talk about behind the espresso machine; and explore what food means in today’s world, where a meal is equal parts culture, science, ethics, and old-fashioned gastronomy.

Features writing from Jeff Merrion, Emily Guerin, Alice Stanley, Daniel Adler, Luke Epplin, Darryl Campbell, and Jonathan Gourlay. Cover by Griffin Moore.

Buy it now — $1.99

Praise for The Biggest Yam

“The problem with books about food is people often mistake them for actual food, and then roast or sauté the books until unreadable. Since The Biggest Yam: Food Writing from The Bygone Bureau is a digital book, this is not an issue.” — A Professional Book Reviewer

“This outstanding volume rekindled my great love for ingesting plant and animal matter to sustain my life.” – Someone Who Forgot How to Eat