Craigslist Posts for Unpaid Internships

Kevin Nguyen identifies a few suspicious job listings.


Bloggers/Writers Apply Here! – (telecommute)

This is a great opportunity for tech savvy writers looking to get into the exciting and promising world of blogging! [REDACTED] is one of the most popular blogs about entertainment, news, arts, technology, and fashion!

Interning at [REDACTED] is a great chance to establish an online presence and build your portfolio of writing at an established blog with thousand(s) of Twitter followers. Additionally, interns will also receive promotional support from the [REDACTED] SEO team.

Applicants should have good writing knowledge and knowledge of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Responsibilities: Writing 12 daily posts on interesting subjects that will draw traffic to [REDACTED] with no grammar errors and is search engine optimized following SEO guidelines for optimal search engine optimization.

Benefits: All bloggers receive extra promotion support from the SEO team at [REDACTED] to get their posts listed, searched, optimized, and promoted to the thousand(s) of [REDACTED]‘s readers.

This internship is unpaid, but with future potential for employment.

Want to Build Your Resume? Apply for This Marketing Internship!! – (seattle)

[REDACTED] is a nationally-recognized top 100 business with over forty million employees across the country, and we’re hoping you’ll make it forty million and one! Our interns go on to do great things, like become multi-billionaires. Look at this testimonial:

“Thanks to [REDACTED], I am a multi-billionaire.” — Former Intern

As an intern at [REDACTED], you’ll have REAL responsibilities and learn REAL/NOT FAKE life skills from our series of training seminars. They only cost you a small fee, but think of it is an investment and soon you’ll understand how to sell opportunities to you and your loved ones. It’s a chance to help you and everyone you know earn money fast and retire early!

Desired Qualifications:
Outgoing, ambitious, and hardworking
Strong communication and organization skills
History of asking family members for favors

Though this internship is unpaid, the experience you’ll receive is priceless!

Looking to break into the personal entertainment business? – (tacoma)

Tired of those boring office internships where your only responsibilities are making coffee and photocopies? Do you want an opportunity that gets you out on the streets and to do some real work? We have just the internship for you!

[REDACTED] is looking for an independent worker who’s not afraid of meeting and making immediate connections with new people, a go-getter who’s not afraid of getting his/her hands dirty. And we mean that as literally as possible.

A familiarity with posting Craigslist ads is a plus!

Responsibilities: Interns will interact directly with clients, who will request the performance of certain “services.” Those services will vary from client to client, which will keep things pretty exciting from day to day (by which we really mean “night to night”).

Benefits: A great experience to learn sales techniques! Late hours — great for applicants who wish to maintain another job by day!

We’ll be really honest: this would basically be prostitution, if you were getting paid!

Kevin Nguyen is a founding editor of The Bygone Bureau. His only marketable skill is an above-average knowledge of European geography. He has been useless since the introduction of the atlas in 1477. Reach him by email or follow his Twitter account.