The Immaculate Collection of Lady Gaga Interpretations on YouTube

Jordan Barber curates a ridiculously large exhibit (fifty videos!) of Lady Gaga covers, choreographies, and parodies.

Fifty. There are fifty videos in this article. I pulled them out of the infinite dregs of the YouTube sewers, from videos with millions of views to those with less than 500. This is it: every important Lady Gaga video on YouTube. There are many, many more out there, but only Gaga’s most devoted scholars need to know about those.

The following are the best and the worst (and there are many bad ones from which to choose). I have also included special categories for less recognized areas of Gaga study: the multitrack Gaga video, the Gaga choreography video, and the endlessly awful Gaga parody videos. I have also highlighted some particularly insightful user comments in italics underneath certain videos.

I compiled this list for future generations. Cherish it.

The Best

Culled from countless hours of, sitting through mostly terrible renditions of Lady Gaga’s music, are these twenty covers that are (probably) worth your time. They are all praise-worthy is certain ways. It turns out some people can actually sing on YouTube. Or if they can’t sing, then at least they can entertain.

20. Screeching Crowpeoples Do Gaga a Cappella (Medley)

Their singing definitely isn’t as good as some of the thousand-trillion other a cappella Lady Gaga videos on YouTube, but they’ve got heart. They dress up and prance around, and they’re not too annoying about it.

19. Hot Man on YouTube. Oh, and Plays Lady Gaga. (“Bad Romance”)

Let’s be honest here: this cover isn’t really great. But he is very attractive, which somehow makes it okay for me to post this. And look at that fruit display on his coffee table! What a creative, talented young man.

MissUmeko: A very handsome, muscular, fabby sex god able to play the piano…melts my heart. <3

18. French Guy Is Trying So Hard to Be Adorable (“Bad Romance”)

Isn’t it cute that he can’t really speak English well? And that he’s doing an acoustic version of “Bad Romance”? I’m a little torn between his moderate talent and his obvious attempt to attract an audience of adoring fans with his lilting Frenchie voice. Oh, I guess he can do that French part of the song pretty well though.

Demented888peng: So Fucking WHITE!

17. R&B “Paparazzi” Isn’t Too Awful

I limited myself to including only one beatbox cover, which I have below, but this one is both beatbox and sassy singing so I’m going to give it a pass. The thing about both “Paparazzi” and “Speechless” is that they require a talented singer. Fortunately, this guy has a pretty good range and can shape the song into something that works for him. That beatbox guy seems a little useless, but I’ll let it slide.

itspolaris: go on american idol!!! hahaha.. yo ur partner got mad skills with the beatboxin’ :P

16. Mediocre Singer Copes Pretty Well (“Bad Romance”)

The thing that I appreciate about this cover is that the singer recognizes his skills and doesn’t try to go beyond them. Not that he’s a bad singer; he’s pretty good. But he’s able to take his natural range and alter the song to suit it. His vocal tricks aren’t over-the-top nor outside of his ability, so the result is a perfectly pleasing cover, except for the ending, which is a little ridiculous. My only beef is that he’s playing in a house that looks eerily similar to my grandmother’s. Someone needs to turn on HGTV stat.

XxOMG: AreYouSeriousxX xD I have a friend named Josh. :P i wonder if he can sing tho… IDK. but nice job!

15. Questioning Young Lady Needs Gaga for Emotional Outlet (“Bad Romance”)

I can’t even begin to tell you how many acoustic “Bad Romance” covers I slogged through when researching this article. For every ten videos uploaded to YouTube, one is a shitty “Bad Romance” cover. I’ve never found “Bad Romance” acoustics to be terribly interesting, but this girl’s version is fairly decent, which is saying a lot.


14. Nostril-Inclined Non-Sexual Male “Partners” Sing “Speechless”

So that quality isn’t so great, and their pitch is a little shaky, but overall it’s pretty impressive. And of course, because they’re straight non-sexual life-friends, they changed the genders of the lyrics to inform everyone of that.

saglix: i admire your nostrils!

13. Likely Serial Killer/Anime Enthusiast Sings “Paparazzi”

This guy tries for the semi-whispering emo piano ballad, and it works, but in a creepy way. I may be that I’m just not a fan of pulled back hair. Oh, and when he stares at the camera at 1:33 I felt like he was going to come kill me. Because I’m the paparazzi. So this is pretty good, but jesus god don’t watch his “Poker Face” cover.

nicky15e: I think someone is dead around here.

12. Semi-Famous YouTuber Would Also Like to Try Lady Gaga (Medley)

Sam Tsui is fairly well known on YouTube, so this probably isn’t a surprising video. He can sing decently, which therefore qualifies him for this list. But the most important question, which all his anxious fans frequently ponder, is this: is Sam Tsui gay?! No way. Lady Gaga medleys are for everyone, come on. But you will notice, however, that he doesn’t change the gender type in the lyrics like every other completely secure heterosexual man on YouTube.

bassretard: it’s so gay and so cool at the same time.

11. Several Indonesians, Including One with Talent, Sing “Just Dance”

I think this is the only “Just Dance” cover on this entire list, mainly because it’s not a particularly fun song to cover. However, these folks make a pretty good effort. Well, let me rephrase that: there’s clearly only one talented person here, which is the guy. And despite a rough start from the girls, the guy is able to carry the whole thing through with his beats and voice. The others are largely useless.

simonote: the guy is hot. and i dont wanna talk abt the girls. :(

10. The Beatboxing “Bad Romance” Video that Everyone (Including Your Mother) Has Seen

I did make a note of trying to find lesser known Lady Gaga videos (I am a dedicated researcher to my area of study), but this one is still noteworthy. Two girls sing “Bad Romance” fairly well and then introduce some “hip beats” that young children are so fond of these days. My only concern is whether that wall is structurally sound, because she’s hitting it with mad beats.

MrsJonasNicholas: Ok for one well i cant help my opion and for two if your gonna call somebody a hater maybe check your self first . i have my own opion and so do other peole

9. Friendless Kid Makes “Poker Face” Rock Version

This is something I’ve heard before. Basically this kid added guitar, bass, and drums over the original song. Hearing Lady Gaga sing is a little strange, but he’s arranged the whole thing pretty well, especially the drums. He also has a cover of Rihanna’s “Hard” on his YouTube channel, in case you don’t think that song sucks.

2wakko: what’s with the shag carpet?

8. Amish People Think Lady Gaga is Alright (“Telephone”)

A bunch of Amish hipsters decide it’ll be funny to make a country rock cover of “Telephone.” Normally I would immediately dismiss their attempt, but this is fairly enjoyable. Except for that Asian girl in the mix, she really breaks the whole “country bumpkin” feel.

bevgrant2008: Love it! I had no idea what the lyrics were in the Gaga version:-)

7. Adorable Manchild Leaves Us “Speechless”

I wasn’t really expecting much from this one, so this was a pleasant surprise. “Speechless” is easily one of the best Lady Gaga songs to cover because it’s so easy to change up, and he does it well. Also, he occasionally looks around in a confused fashion, which adorable because he’s small. The only downside is the atrocious lighting, which makes him look cancer stricken.

l1ar1: so strange attitude … strange tember but it doesn’t sound bad theres nothing bad in being homosexual :) just saying

6. Hawaiian Man Sings Like a Hawaiian, but It Works Somehow (“Bad Romance”)

Second most surprising video on this list. Mostly because “Bad Romance” acoustic covers are almost exclusively vomit-inducing, but this one wasn’t. His pleasant, Hawaiian-tinted voice transported me to a warm island full of slowly swaying, lush palm trees. And even though it was a bad romance, it just felt so nice.

28iAD77: I love this ‘laid back’ version :)

5. It’s Cool When Hipsters Try Out Lady Gaga Too (“Telephone”)

Everything about this is fine, except that the girl’s eyes creep me the fuck out. Like, stop staring at me, right now please. Anyway, this duo is part of the small YouTube group of indie groups that like to take pop music and turn it all weird and shit. I guess that’s okay, because this turned out pretty well. I think I like their “Single Ladies” video the best though.

cheezymint: I love pomplamoose, but her expression…AGH

4. Commie Guitar Genius Does “Poker Face”

Just kidding, he says he’s from the Netherlands so he’s just a socialist. This would instantly disqualify him if this were a giant list about things Teabaggers hate, but fortunately it’s not. This is probably one of the most enjoyable “Poker Face” covers, because of both the expertise and the creative liberties he took. The video itself is somewhat bland though, unless you love staring at red velvet curtains and men with long hair. He has a “Bad Romance” cover as well, but it’s not quite as catchy.

lisanti42: how is it possible you have Lady Gaga versions and NO Pearl Jam, or even Oasis? , Nevertheless, I LOVE YOUR TALENT

3. Classical “Telephone” Makes Song About Cellphones Epic

This is great. I appreciate that the essential “Telephone” bits are there, but creative liberties are taken. The result is a song that rides up and down between quieter moments dominated by the piano and then swelling to the essential “Telephone” chorus. I also tried pretty hard to find something I could joke about. All I found is that the cellist looks kinda like Britney Spears.

TheeCoolOne: i think all the chicks in the video are hot. hard to say which ones the hottest. like picking your favorite skittle, you love all of them.

2. Pitchfork-spawned Indie Thrall Does “Bad Romance”

Lissie is some relatively unknown singer who started appearing on every cool indie music site in the last month because of this cover of “Bad Romance.” But seriously I saw this video when there were only a couple thousand hits, so like, I discovered her or whatever. If you’re a first-time listener, her talent really hits when she builds up to the chorus. Until then, you’ll have to watch her make weird faces with her mouth. But really, Lissie has got some major talent. This is a cover I could actually listen when I’m not being sad and surfing YouTube.

murilopp: in that part “i want your psycho, your vertigo stick” i close my eyes and i see gaga singing!!! your voice is amazing!!!!

1. Least Likely Video to be Good is Actually Great (“Bad Romance”)

You know what? Fuck you, I think this cover is great. It encapsulates everything that a YouTube cover should be. Some anonymous person with a shitty webcam does something unexpected. Not only does she cover “Bad Romance,” which is one of the more difficult Gaga songs to cover well, but manages to take it in an different direction. The pixilated webcam and poor sound quality make the production hazy while her hoarse vocals give the song a melancholic tinge. The awful lighting increases the shadows in the lines of her face, giving her a pouty, sad look. All of the effects of this video just make it that much better. It turns the song from an aggressive assertion of sexual power to an Alanis Morissette-like dirge of desperate love.

thu189: a lot of peple are fat and they sing gooder than the skinner wierd huh

The Worst

There are so many awful covers on YouTube — I know you don’t believe me — that I simply selected the ones that were outstandingly awful. Like, really bad.

15. Emo Rocker Wants People to Like Him (“Paparazzi”)

This is actually isn’t half bad, but he’s also a professional singer. My main beef is with his hair, which takes up the top 50% of the video screen. I’m also not a fan of his crying fit that starts around 2:14, or his strange emphases on words that don’t need to be emphasized.

14. Jared Leto Fucks Something Up (“Bad Romance”)
Putting this cover in the “Worst” category is going to be controversial, but I stand by my decision. Reasoning: I know without a doubt that when Leto was singing this, he was wearing eyeliner and crying into his tear-stained edition of Anne Sexton’s complete works, which is something I disapprove of.

Visrale: LOL im sorry this is just exceedingly shitty and I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while. This is just like…why would you even attempt this?

13. I Like the Part When He Isn’t Singing (“Paparazzi”)

This video is funny because he lurvs Lady Gaga so much he has minor seizures whenever he hears the song. And then he starts singing, which is when you can turn it off.

marner94: theres nothing funnier as a gay black guy hahah XD

12. Little Gaysian Makes Me Uncomfortable (“Bad Romance”)

Jesus Christ this is the worst thing ever. The super overdone video effects, terrible singing (and audio effects to go with it), I can’t speak anymore about this. Expect that it makes me very uncomfortable to watch. Something about little boys singing “you know that I want you” makes me feel strange.

sexymochick: U R CUTE IF U R A BOY

11. Writhing Lady Needs to Shampoo More Frequently (“Telephone”)

This interesting lady is the only YouTube user to be featured twice on this list. Her other Gaga video, a multitrack medley, is actually very good. This one is not. Slowly singing “Telephone” is dreary in itself, but then we’re forced to watch her flail around for the entire duration of the video. The result is a song completely out of context and then made tediously slow.

MrThudley: Great video coreographics! :3

10. A Cappella Group Is Not Funny, Don’t Try to Convince Me Otherwise (“Poker Face”)
I really wanted to like this video, and it’s fairly popular with about 2 million views, but it’s really not that funny. Basically the entire joke is that a bunch of (likely) straight men wouldn’t usually sing “Poker Face,” but then they do! And then they decide to act all gay which is also unexpected and surprising! The gay hands are hilarious.

lestattop: brilliant , although she is not so queer on stage, because she is all woman, they dance like gaga´s dancers

9. Ear-Bleeding Piano Rendition of “Paparazzi”

All you need to do is move your video slider to 2:50 and then you’ll agree with me.

phoenixmalibu: you’re denying your sexuality.

8. Gayby Sings Gaga With a Banana, Mom Encourages Behavior (Bad Romance)

He is so bluffin’ with his muffin. He’s pretty expert with the finger snapping, but something about the constant fat jiggling makes me uncomfortable. Also, that guy in underwear who walks by at 1:13… What kind of unholy household is this, pray tell?

Valca000: was that a queef?????

7. Most Boring Cover of “Bad Romance” Ever Is Apparently Popular

God this is so fucking boring. This Asian “singer” manages to make “Bad Romance” into a slow, lifeless pustule of a song. At the end he apologizes for an “emo” song. So that’s nice, I guess.

Duracelpupu: basically just horrible… keep your dayjob

6. Drag Queens Make “Telephone” Video Even More Disgusting

This isn’t really a cover, and more like a parody, but I don’t really care about categories, and neither do these drag queens. “Telephone” was already pretty raunchy, but they took it to another level. If Weird Al was a horny cross-dresser, this might be an equivalent. The production values are pretty high quality, but it’s just a terribly gross rendition. Except for a couple one liners (“Why did we kill everyone?”), there aren’t a huge number of laughs. There is a shakeweight involved later in the video though.

nixxiadele: you really are great, made me laugh, congratulations. And mention AT & T and I have a one lol

5. Taylor Swift Robots Screeching “Bad Romance”

The thing about “Bad Romance” is that it’s a dirty, loud, and real song, okay? So when you do cover it with a guitar and two little girls, it sounds like a Dixie Chicks song, which is awful. “Bad Romance” should be loud and full of yelling. And because they also covered “Fireflies” by Owl City: fuck that.

xmissypx1999: People need to get themselves to the doctors if they thought that was bad. U both rock ! WOW! i have been sitting here for HOURS listening to all your songs over and over again. :) :) . you have made my day!

4. Overconfident Douchebag Wears Sunglass and Tie (“Poker Face”)

Even if this guy had an incredible singing ability, I would still hate this cover. He has sunglasses on and he’s indoors. Girl please.

Dayylovsmusic: you’re retarded.

3. Naked Gay Fondles an Apple, Sings Gaga (“Bad Romance”)
Apparently it’s quite common to eat apples and have sex, according to this terrible cover. From the moment he turned his semi-bearded face towards, I knew this was going to be one of the worst. The singing isn’t the worst thing here (it’s not really that bad), rather it’s the video I simply can’t let pass. He starts smearing lipstick over himself (is he hungry?) halfway through, which is when I basically stopped watching and left the room until it was over.

firey768: This is a beautifully tragic rendition! I love it! you are truely amazing!

2. The Most Annoying Person on the Planet Has a YouTube Channel (“Bad Romance”)

If this person walked past me on the street, I would grab the nearest Teabagger, take their shotgun, and use it on this screeching rat person. This is so beyond awful I can’t even speak about it anymore, so please never mention this to me again. Judging by the comments, I think there might be an understanding that this person has a mental disability. So, um, sorry if that turns out to be true.

hayliejade: You Improved SO SO much since the last time I saw your vids ! You are amazing and gifted

1. Terrifying Ginger Covers “Paparazzi”

“Paparazzi” can be a great song to cover, but people can also easily overdramatize the song. Everything about this cover is dreadful, but let me start with the hair. Um, ew? And EVERYONE: go to 1:37 and tell you didn’t just gag after watching that part, because I did. And that tinkling piano. And the creepy staring. Ugh, it’s just all so awful.

AlanAlfredoSauce: It’s trippin’ me out how he’s looking directly at me.

Special Category: Lady Gaga Multitracks

This is where sad people on YouTube decide to one-up other sad people on YouTube by making not one but several videos and then combining them into one multi-track video. Strangely, they can be very compelling because it’s like you’re watching one video, but more.

5. A Capella Multitrack Medley Confuses Me

So much going on here, but the arrangement seems to work. Also, they can sing, which is always a huge plus on YouTube. I think this has the lowest number of views of all the videos in this article (340), which is probably due to the boring picture.

Dudge1992: Wow that was pretty sick, nice voice omg you deserve as much hits as those black beat boxing girls geez.

4. This Guy Thinks Sunglasses Will Make Him Sing Better (“Poker Face”)
This blows. I’m not going to lie, I included this to shore up the multitrack category. Not completely necessary to watch, unless you think guys with red shirts singing “Poker Face” are cool. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

barenmoose: You could attempt to add additional parts to create harmonies that are not in the original version, something non-harmony minded artists don’t do.

3. Emo Rocker Decides He Also Likes Gaga (“Paparazzi”)

This one is really interesting, because there are so many good reasons to fucking hate it. First, the terrible colors and video effects. Second, the emo rock noise. But “Paparazzi” lends well to broad interpretation (unlike, say the fifty trillion similar “Poker Face” acoustic videos). So, this one actually sounds pretty good.

MilesprowerTails1: Good job you said girl instead of boy cause if yoy said boy it would been pretty gay.

2. Asian / Indian Orange Lady Does Multitrack (Medley)

Despite the blinding orange / green contrast here, this lady simply blows all the other multitracks out of the water with a MULTITRACK MEDLEY of Lady Gaga. That’s right: not only are there five videos here, but there are four songs as well. Wow. Oh, also she sings pretty well.

betopilinski: What is the name of this program you to do these mount?

1. Unintelligible Robot Babbling Sounds Like Lady Gaga (“Bad Romance”)

It might be a little grating to listen to, but this is one of my favorite Lady Gaga YouTube videos. This sad, illiterate troglodyte of a man has attempted to communicate in the only way he knows how (ghastly, barbaric noises) in order to share his love of The Lady. And even though his embarrassing attempt at singing doesn’t make much sense, we all still know it’s “Bad Romance.” Also, props for the surely agonizing editing process and the sweet outfits.

rtuiy9898: that is kool but the wig and the weird black lipstick and those weird goggle things r pretty freakin disturbing. and the weird eye stuff when ur wearing the wig and the red cap? one word. FREAKY. but good video anyways. o yea, 1 more thing, arent you afraid that one day, you’ll be wearing the red face mask that COMPLETELY COVERS UR FACE and suddenly find out its stuck and you suffocate 2 death? Im just saying. But anyways and again, great vid.

Special Category: Choreographed Lady Gaga

I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say there is a whole other realm of YouTube dedicated to people — mostly fat — dancing to Lady Gaga.

5. Sparklemotion Attempts Lady Gaga, Fails (“Bad Romance”)

If you somehow manage to make it past the :30 second mark without shitting your pants from boredom, then their catatonic dance-slumber will surely do you in. My favorite parts are when the “popular girl” gets her own cut scenes with the wind blowing back her hair. My second favorite part is when they dance in front of the boy in the chair, who was likely forced to be there because her sister is one of the dancers. Also, the black girl is clearly annoyed and has had it with all this shit.

toxicdanii: Oh dear, sorry but thats possibly the worst thing ive ever seen. Like something you would do if you were 8.

4. Vampire Gay-sian and His Slut-Squad Squirm Around (“Bad Romance”)

Bad Romance definitely seems to be the pick for Lady Gaga YouTube choreography. In this little gem, a strange asian man and a squad of sassy women dance pretty well. Their dancing is spot on, but it’s a bit robotic.

Enfamille16: CONGRATULATION!! My name is Olivier, I am French and I really spent a very good moment by looking at your clip.

3. Motherfucking Sims 2 Do Motherfucking Lady Gaga (“Bad Romance”)

Because someone took the time to do this entire thing, including Lady Gaga’s plastic-wrapped boobs. On the downside, it’s still The Sims 2, so she peed herself halfway through because a chair was blocking her path.

PENTEADOASSIS: ellenpenteadoassis muito daora

2. A Bunch of Single Ladies Do “Bad Romance”

On first glance, you love the energy from the lady in teal, but then you realize you really just love watching the far left one. And then you wonder how such a mismatched group (including Amy Winehouse) met and decided to do this. And then you wait until 3:03 and you really start laughing.

kharlosangel: I LOVED IT!!!! KISSES GIRLSSSSS!!!!

1. Superhuman Children Dance Insanely (“Telephone”)
Apparently this is some dance class showing off on YouTube, but these kids are crazy good. That kid in red is the next Beyonce. And that girl in purple be real.

KenLushhSayss: dopee as fuckk

Special Category: Parody Videos

I have never seen a Lady Gaga parody video that’s genuinely good. Lady Gaga tends to be so over-the-top anyway that it’s really hard to out-do her. It’s like she’s already beat YouTube at its own game. “Bad Romance” is definitely the most popular parodied video, but give “Telephone” some time and I think we’ll expect some competition.

5. Skantily-clad Homosexuals Having Lady Gaga Time (“Bad Romance”)

Because this is what they do in their homes. I enjoy that giant belt and their awful dancing. And you could not find tighter jeans than those on the chesty fur-vest man.

awachinala: i dont wanna know how they celebrated after making the video.

4. Kid Forced to Do Lady Gaga Parody by Parents, Just Wants a Cheeseburger (“Bad Romance”)

This is only funny for the first ten seconds when he has a minor seizure upon hearing Lady Gaga’s glorious crescendo. But after that, feel free to quit watching.

PurpleTheDog: WEll like– not all who like her are gay – but all gays like her.. so i think that makes it look like ONLY gays like her- and the rest are thought to be gay too.. but — idk.. i think most are— NOT ALL.. but most..

3. Big Gurlz Fallin’ Down Is Always Funny (“Paparazzi”)

Gloria is a pretty well known on YouTube (and The George Lopez Show), so this is probably already seen by most Gaga scholars. And even though my favorite Gloria movie is her Kate Gosselin, this one is pretty good too.

nachopeanut18: I love the finger in the mouth thing, :]

2. Crazed Shut-in Desperately Pleads for Help. And Dances. (“Bad Romance”)

Oh, she would be from Luther College. This silly lady somehow attempts to parody “Bad Romance” by including a fake book that’s called “Romance Novel,” (HAHA GET IT), but she really just wants to strip to her underwear and be weird. Which is totally fine by me because it’s still funnier than most Gaga parodies.

jax9715: u beeped some stuff but no offence it wasnt better n u needed back up dancers

1. Autotuned Little Shit Sings Gaga, But Still Kinda Funny (“Bad Romance”)

This little kid sings about Thanksgiving, Lady Gaga style. He’s completely obnoxious, but when there are so many parodies of Gaga it’s the creativity that counts. His lyrics are actually kind of funny, expect those uncomfortable moaning noises.

StraightUpFailz: If i ever saw you, i’d punch you in the fucken jaw

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