Staff List: Favorite Internet Meme

As diligent consumers of internet culture, the Bureau Staff selects the best of the web’s most refined, cultivated inside jokes.

A great meme has the unique quality of becoming both stupider and funnier over time. Even though you know you shouldn’t laugh at something so dumb, you can’t stop yourself. In fact, the absurdity of laughing at the same moronic joke for the hundredth time compounds the almost surreal effect that memes have on the human psyche. The 9000 clip is my favorite meme because it takes this long process and compresses it into a single short video. It starts out dumb, on its way to fucking stupid, and the fact that I can’t watch it without doubling over in laughter makes me question any assumptions I once held about my own intelligence and sanity.

(Note: My enjoyment of the clip has nothing to do with nostalgia for the Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball Z, as I was far too cool to ever watch that sort of show, and I would certainly never program my VCR to tape it off of Toonami so I could watch several episodes in a row every day after school.) — Editor Nick Martens

I discovered my favorite internet meme only a week ago. But as soon the Nintendo 64 Kids video began, I felt something deeply personal resonate from within. See the picture below of yours truly, Christmas 1996, for the reason why:


That’s a feeling no LOLcat or sneezing baby panda video will ever touch. — Contributing Writer Daniel Adler


Single serving blogs allow people to showcase their obsessions, whether it’s with local conditions, music minutiae, or high-definition pictures of food. Most are good for a quick laugh before they wear thin, but occasionally you stumble upon something that’s worth a double take—say, a professional entomologist-cum-photographer who can convince even the uninitiated that insects can in fact be beautiful things. — Assistant Editor Darryl Campbell


My favorite meme is without a doubt Yo Dawg. They speak to my inner-math nerd. The image macro is based on a nested function, the formula of which was cleverly identified by Jamie Dubbs of Know Your Meme:

{yo, sup} dawg, I heard you like X, so I put an X in your Y so you can VERB while you VERB

So it’s like the internet meme equivalent of a Metryoshka doll. And thanks to Yo Dawgs, I can now tell the difference between Xzibit and Ice Cube. — Editor Kevin Nguyen

In the world of photo memes, the Lying Down Game is king. In its simplicity, it is absolutely perfect: lie down somewhere you would not normally do so and document it. Unlike its predecessor Playing Dead, which requires enough artistry to create an effective death tableau, the Lying Down Game allows everyone to be a star. I am amazed at how long I can flip through the photo albums. Often, the less artistic they seem, the more entertaining they are. It’s just what a meme should be. — Writer Locke McKenzie