Editor’s Note: Two Point Oh

Nick Martens inaugurates the (delayed) redesign of The Bygone Bureau.

It’s been a year since The Bygone Bureau hit the web running with Kevin’s screed against bandwagoning “environmentalists.” We published three articles in each of the 52 weeks that followed, a feat we never could’ve predicted when we started the site on a whim last summer. Looking back, we had some good stuff in the early days, like Jordan’s account of weird Taiwanese food, Caitlin’s descent into retail, Jeff’s roadtrip to California with his stuffed monkey, and my twistedly prolix three-part comparison of Apple and Nintendo. But we’ve grown since those young times. We have different needs now.

That’s why, today, we’re introducing a brand new version of The Bygone Bureau. The most obvious change is the site’s super-slick visual overhaul, courtesy of our own Kevin Nguyen [a.k.a. "make the fonts bigger" --Kevin]. We’re also debuting a microblog of links and commentary called Bureaucracy (why didn’t we think of that joke earlier?). Then there are the various tweaks and revisions that come with every redesign, like our new Reader’s Guide and expanded author pages.

We’re all excited about these changes, and seeing as it’s summer break for us college kids, you can expect some top-quality articles from us in the months to come. If you’re a new or intermittent reader, the following articles are among the finest we’ve published in the past few months, and they should offer a good introduction to the site.

We’d also like to thank Alice Stanley, Dan Minch, and Lucinda Stroud, whose excellent submissions we ran last week while we hammered out the redesign.

Nick Martens is a founding editor of The Bygone Bureau. You can email him, if you like.