Staff List: Dinosaur Comics

The Bureau Staff tries their hand at imitating Ryan North’s infamous same-panels-every-day webcomic.

What’s impressive about Dinosaur Comics is how it stays fresh and relatively funny, despite the fact that it uses the same artwork for every strip. Sure, the formula may be borderline gimmicky, but Ryan North’s deceptively simple webcomic stands out in this desolate landscape of tedious online in-jokes.

The greatest critique of the internet’s most recent fascinations—I Can Has Cheezburger, for example—is the “any idiot can do that” factor. Given that we, here at the Bureau, deem ourselves able to do anything that other idiots can, tried our hand at a few Dinosaur Comics of our own.

Click for a more legibly sized comic.


but seriously, this could double as a real dinosaur comic


so say we all so say we all so say we all so say we all so say we all


but seriously, the mars volta is totally lame